Freya Russell, Analyst

A milestone was reached in 2004 when Picasso’s infamous Garçon à la Pipe sold for $104 million – the first time a price over $100 million had been reached. While it may have been a quiet six years until this monumental figure was reached again, 18 works have now exceeded this nine-digit landmark.

Given the figures, it is unsurprising that investor shave begun to look at art as an alternative asset class. It is a very exciting market. However, whether you are new to the art world or are a lifelong collector, art presents an opportunity riddled with challenges. 

The team we have built at Mintus recognises that art industry expertise is essential to the delivery of a quality art investment product. Much like picking stocks, a knowledge of the art market and its mechanics is fundamental to recognising a strong investment opportunity.


Mintus Art Division

The strength of the Mintus art team is underpinned by the Art Investment Committee which includes Brett Gorvy, the former Chairman and International Head of Post-war and Contemporary Art at Christie’s, and Ben Clark, who has brokered and financed $250m+ worth of 20th-century art throughout his tenures at Christie’s and Gurr Johns.

As an art lover and economist, I am incredibly passionate about helping more people get access to iconic contemporary art that was previously inaccessible, thanks to our trailblazing ownership model. This fusion of the art and investment worlds is what makes Mintus so special.

I am excited to be part of changing the art investment landscape and look forward to welcoming investors to this new asset class.