Letter from our Chair, Maarten Slendebroek

Over the years I have indulged my love of art and invested in some wonderful works. However, like most of us, I simply don't have the resources to compete with the elite group of buyers and auction houses that snap up the great masterpieces.

I have come to realise that it isn't just the brilliance of the art that excites me when it comes to purchasing new work. For decades I have worked in financial services companies, from Jupiter Fund Management to BlackRock, and in the context of the search for alternative assets it is not surprising that investors are paying attention to the rising value of fine art. It's hard to ignore.

Of course, much art is not bought for monetary gain and not all art will appreciate over time. This said, as the years have gone by, I have become more convinced that art ownership should be an avenue that all imaginative investors should be able to explore as part of their alternative asset menu.

Why Mintus will change art ownership

Mintus has a plan to make the purchase of fine art more accessible. It combines established financial protocols with innovative technology to enable investors to buy an interest in works by the world's most celebrated artists.

Mintus is a company rooted in traditional investment values, that boasts a team with decades of experience in financial services. In addition to my experience, the Mintus team includes Chris Kaladeen, who heads Rothschild & Co's insurance and asset management investment banking business, and Tad Smith, the former CEO of Sotheby's. We have additionally established strategic partnerships with major international galleries to ensure that Mintus brings the highest quality product to investors.

Mintus' core concept - of common ownerships of an asset - has been a staple of the financial world for centuries, but its vision and start-up energy give it a leading edge. We don't necessarily see this as disruption; rather, it's an evolution of the financial services sector. It is one we are confident will yield incredible opportunities for our clients.