Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be taxed once shares are sold or returns distributed?

Mintus does not provide tax advice. We recommend that investors obtain their own tax advice as every person has specific tax circumstances. Generally, income and profits generated from your investment can be subject to either income tax or capital gains tax (depending on the individual investor and the specific structure of the investment). Artworks are not income-generating during the period they’re held. If you are unsure about your tax or other legal requirements, please speak to a professional advisor.

Can I port my investment between Mintus’ artworks?

Not directly. In order to take an investment from one artwork to another, shares would need to be sold to a willing buyer on the future Mintus Secondary Market and then proceeds reinvested on the platform. The Secondary Market will only be available in permitted locations.

When can I expect to receive the valuation reports?

Typically, valuations occur at the end of June and December, with reports distributed to investors as soon as possible thereafter.

How are actions surrounding artworks communicated to investors?

All actions in relation to the asset are at the discretion of Mintus. Mintus will communicate with investors on a six-monthly basis with an update on the net asset value, and any further news will be communicated on an ad-hoc basis.

How soon are profits received by investors after the sale of the artwork?

Distributable profits will be made available to investors as soon as possible, once all sale-related administration is complete.

Am I able to reinvest profits from sales with Mintus?

Profits will be received into your Mintus wallet, with the option to withdraw the profits into a bank account or reinvest on the Mintus platform.

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